Monday, February 04, 2008

Postmodern Primary

Sam started primary (or as he calls it, "kid church") in January. He's not quite used to going yet, so I've been going with him. Thoroughly enjoyable, BTW.


primary leader: "If Jesus were here, what would you want to ask him?"
boy 1: "How can you kill people with just a slingshot?"
boy 2: "What's it like to not have a single gun?"
boy 3: "And do you really make swords by yourself? And they *work*?"

Then a boy got up to give his testimony. "I know," he says, "That Gordon B. Hinkley" [pause; this is normally where he would have said, "is a prophet"][deep breath] "is dead." [pause again.] "And I know that Heavenly Father" [pause] "is also dead." [pause] "for me." [I think he meant to say that Jesus died for me, but, yanno, whatever.]

Violence and the death of God.

Nietzsche would be proud.


Johnna said...

Almost you make me wish I were subbing for Sunbeams yesterday and not Valiants. Those Sunbeams cut through the fluff.

We made a bow out of PVC pipe and yarn, and then you could get a turn shooting an arrow across the room each time you would answer a question about the Liahona and Nephi's bow.

Anonymous said...

That is great! Thanks for sharing!

Penelope said...

Too funny.

-- P

chou said...

My sunbeams have not moved beyond basic social experiments in push and shove. I look forward to this progression.