Monday, June 23, 2008

It turns out that it isn't really fun to lose at Scrabble

I used to kick everyone's trash at online Scrabble. I'd win by, like, hundreds of points. And it never occurred to me that the people I was playing might *mind* losing like that. Winning seemed like no big deal to me, so why would losing be a big deal?

Then there started to be a few people (you know who you are) who were kicking my trash ALL the time. And I didn't like it. And I realized that maybe it bothered those other people I used to beat all the time.

When I told my bff this today, she was like, "Kerry, is there not one single thing that you don't have to learn through EXPERIENCE?" Because apparently, stuff that is obvious doesn't always occur to me until I go through it.

Then I was talking about how I was accidentally losing weight lately and she started to yell at me because people don't like to HEAR about people who ACCIDENTALLY lose weight and didn't I REMEMBER the whole convesation we were just HAVING?!

So, here's a picture of chubby me, because I would NEVER have posted it online before, but now I feel bad for moaning about my "problem."

This was how I looked more than 80 pounds ago when I weighed some 240 biggies:


Barb @ getupandplay said...

Kerry conveniently forgets to mention she was like a hundred months pregnant in that picture, so it only kind of counts!!

BTW- you are darling at any weight!

But way to be compassionate to the "weight moderation challenged."

k said...

It's true. I was a gazillion months pregnant in that picture. But the baby and placenta, etc., only were about 20 pounds. I plateaued at 220 for, like, a year, I think. I know I was above 200 for at least a year, which annoyed me to no end because I was friggin trying to lose weight the WHOLE time!

And I can't really take any credit for losing the rest of the weight, which is why I haven't really blogged about it. (no triumph involved, I guess.) Just had some really high blood sugar, which apparently makes you lose weight without meaning to. So, I guess going out and getting diabetes would help everyone lose weight. Not that I reccommend that... ;-)

You, dear Barb, are even more darling. At any weight.

kathy said...

I was also going to say that you were pregnant, because I wore that same dress you let me BORROW when I was a hundred years prego. you know what sucks...i'm the fattest sister now! you're supposed to be fatter because you're taller.

sarah said...

You looked ABSOLUTELY STUNNING when you were "big." Really, just beautiful.