Thursday, June 05, 2008

Whining is against the Word of Wisdom

Unless I make the whine, myself,that is.

So, here is some whine of my own make:

I have a cold.
Having a cold makes me very cranky.
Being sick at all makes me feel like a failure.
Can anyone explain this? How, exactly, should an inability to control one's lungs/nose/mucus secretions/etc. constitute failure?

I didn't say it was *logical.*

(Or that it would make you drunk.)
(Except for maybe if you take NyQuil.)
(Where did I put that bottle...)


Barb @ getupandplay said...

You're about as far from failure as one can possibly be. I'm sorry you're sick, though. There's something very detrimental to one's mental health about being physically sick all the time. I'm working on a two and half week cold and I hear ya, sister.

Erin & Jordan Spencer said...

I think being sick makes you feel like a failure because you really can't do anything when you are sick. You don't realize how much you do every day, and how much you are depended on until you get one of those awful, roll up in the covers and block the sun from the window days. You feel like a failure because you fail to do the things you normally do as well as you normally do.
Does that work for an answer?