Sunday, December 28, 2008

Because when you're on vacation and you watch too much CSI, you start to get paranoid.

I have a problem with my toes. As in, when my toenails grow, they bug me. So I cut them off. Only... I'm really *bad* at cutting them off. So I always end up with mangled bloody messes. As my sister in law, Michelle, says, my pedicures tend to go... wrong.

So, someday, if the CSI people show up at my house and find blood (not going to pontificate on the reasons this might come to pass) you need to tell them that they should make sure that the *amount* of blood isn't attributable to my toes. Because, microscopically speaking, the house is *full* of my toe blood.

Just thought I'd tell y'all. Just in case, you know.


JessicaMarie said...

I have a photo a lot like this of my feet from when I had the surgery to fix my ingrown toenail problem! Is that what you had here?

Penelope said...

Holy cow!!!

I get what you're saying about the toenails growing thing, but man I've never injured myself like that . . .


Kerry said...

no surgery. just got a new cuticle cutter and it was really sharp and I couldn't get my toes to stop bleeding and got over-zealous with the bandaging!

kind of embarrassing, really. ;-)