Saturday, December 27, 2008

Body Fluids Diaries: Holiday Edition!

1) on the plane. seconds away from landing. baby stands up. pee flows down. drama ensues.

2) at grandma's house. baby pulls down pants. diarrhea flows out. screaming ensues.

3) at the *mall.* diaper comes off. poop rolls out. mcdonald's refuses napkins. swearing ensues.

4) five seconds ago. I try to write this blog entry. husband starts yelling for me. poop is smearing all over. hands. legs. stomach. new christmas clothes.

despair descends.


Trisha said...

AHHHH! Wow, sucks to be you! Sorry, that wasn't very nice. I would not have handled all that well at all. I'd be duck-taping diapers all over her! Ava exploded on her 1st plane ride when we were descending and I had to wait almost 30 minutes to get off and change here, meanwhile I just held her up in the air. Hope you can a handle on her body fluids someday soon! Poor you!

Fiona said...

So Merry Christmas to you guys! Wow. Sorry about all of that!

Karie said...

Lily doesn't like traveling much, does she? Sorry you had to go through that.

Penelope said...

Pfizer would like to thank you for this story as their birth control stock just sky rocketed.

That's just plain nasty.

Sorry the kiddo is sick. Hope she gets better.