Monday, December 08, 2008

Hard day today

You're lucky because I'm not feeling quite as pontificous about it as I was earlier, so you get to be spared my ramblings.

The thing is... Nothing today was really terribly hard. The day was just... exhausting. Whiney, vomiting, babies. Moody, semi-adolescent lapses into the weepies. Naughty students* with their inappropriate jokes about NRB's** and make out-sessions with drunk 40-year olds. Trying to keep the babies from destroying Steve's office at 8PM when we were trying to make him come home.

It's the end of the semester and I'm overloaded with stuff to do; it's the darkest part of the year; I haven't eaten nearly enough carbs lately. All good excuses for my moodiness, I guess. Doesn't seem to make me less moody, though.

Y'all have anything to snap you out of the crankies? (Carbs, unfortunately, are out, but I'm open to other suggestions!)

*obviously not all my students are naughty. some even make me awesome facebook groups. but the naughty ones will know who they are because I've never made a secret about their naughtiness. So, students, if I've never personally told you that you're naughty, then I probably like you and you shouldn't worry about it.

**you don't want to know what an NRB is. Seriously. Except for maybe Margie Mills. She might find it amusing and should email me. Everyone else should probably just wipe the acronym directly from their brains.


Audra said...

Crankies - hot bath, night alone at Barnes and Noble, night alone anywhere - ha! Mom joke.

Kathy said...

d coke, chocolate, hot bath is always good too... a good cry helps

nicole said...

Now, you realize, I desperately need to know what NRB is.

For me, the best thing is a walk (preferably long) and then a long soak in a tub with lavender scented epsom salts. Works every time.

I'll also toss in a vote for chocolate and crying.

Kerry said...

you might regret it nicole, but if you're still *desperate* you can send me an email:



gmail dot com.

(real, working address. it's the one from my syllabus for my students)


Steve said...

In my defense, I didn't GO to work until like 1 pm, cuz I was taking care of Mr. Vomit (age 4) in the morning. But I still should have finished faster. SWILUA is also very patient with her workaholic worse half. :)

Penelope said...

I hate the end of any semester. Everyone is too busy FREAKING out.

Anyway, I'm sorry. Hope all is better tomorrow. . .


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