Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Students! Alert! Grammar Link!

So, y'all who know me well enough to have experienced one of my oh-so-enlightening grammar rants will know that I am not a prescriptionist. Indeed: prescriptionists annoy me with their snobbiness and refusal to acknowledge that reality--->language--->reality.


This was a very useful read. If you'd prefer to not look stupid, that is.


I disagree with their interpretation of the word "hopefully." It's been used the "wrong" way so often that using it the "wrong" way no longer makes you look stupid. In fact, if you're the kind of person who would call other people on this "wrong" use, you're the one who will look stupid. For not friggin acknowledging reality.

End rant.

Here's the link:


Audra said...


PS I told a friend about your Valentine's Day cards just before I read your comment yesterday. Coincident - I think not!

Penelope said...

I thought it was interesting the author either didn't didn't appriciate hyperbole, or missed the boat altogether.