Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Things Students will do for Paper Extensions

They will quietly wear togas around campus.

They will wear a shirt all day that says, "Happy Bellybutton Appreciation Day!" and when anyone speaks to them they will ask, "Do you like my hat?" and then insist that they do have one on, even when people say they don't.

They will say, "in accordance with prophecy" after everything they say for 24 hours.

They will calculate the square root of 123,456 using the Babylonian method


Audra said...

You are mean.

bff said...

I want to hear more about the Babylonian method. Or do you mean the baloneyan method?

Penelope said...

It occurred to me that coming up with an idea for how to get a paper extension takes probably the same amount of time as WRITING THE FREAKING PAPER.

But I'm glad they haven't thought this through-- these are very entertaining.