Friday, January 23, 2009

New Rule: No More Reading Because of Insomnia

Last night I couldn't sleep. Pretty common with me, actually. (Even double doses of Unisom are starting to not work so well.)

Well, when I can't sleep, I shouldn't watch TV, I know, because the TV keeps me up. But reading? Well, reading takes, like, concentration. So if I start to get sleepy, I just can't read anymore and I fall asleep. Perfect, right?

So, last night I looked over by the side of my bed at the various books I'm reading and spotted this one:

"That'll work!" I thought. Because it's a quiet book--gentle and sweet. "Maybe I can finish it!" I thought. "That'll be a nice way to go to sleep! Gentle, sweet thoughts. The book says it'll make me believe in God, so great! God = nice."

So I finished it.

I finished it.

And horror: there is nothing gentle about this book. And I had no idea. No clue. Wait... Maybe I did have a clue. There was this clue and that clue... And why didn't I notice that these could be clues?! And WTH?! And why didn't my BFF warn me about his when she told me to read the book?! Wait... didn't she bring the book up when talking about unreliable narrators? And WTH?! And if this one scene from the book meant something, then FREAK, most of the scenes probably meant something! And WTH?!!!

Brain: munching on itself.

Body: not asleep. not asleep until two in the morning. and then right back up at around seven.


and munching.

on itself.

Dagnabit brain! Stop the voices!!!!

(Most people call them thoughts, Kerry.)

I don't care! Stop the voices! and the munching! and the obsessing! and





And that, dear friends, is why reading is not a good cure for insomnia.

Maybe I'll try Ambien.


bff said...

The true story is the sweet story.

And my id word is "feverspo" I think I *have* feverspo.

Fiona said...

highly recomment text books if you want to sleep.

Kristin said...

Anthropology books cured my insomnia 1. because they are boring and 2. because they said Westerners (particularly Americans) are the only culture with "insomnia."

My Diary said...

So should I read the book or not. I am not sure.

SpAz said...

I have ambien. >.>

Let's talk later. <.<

Also, your BFF lied if she told you to read Life of Pi. She not as much of a BFF as you'd want.

But I just say that because I hate this book, and it's Zina P's fault. She made me read it in 251 without warning us such a sweet story could...well... WTH.

Anonymous said...

Kerry, try some Benadry. That always works for me. Reading only keeps me awake, especially if its a scary story.

Sis Hahn said...

Again, the last comment by anonymous was not by your mother but by me. Sis Hahn

Kerry said...

Hello anonnotmymom! I've done the Benadryl, actually. It's the only way I've gotten to sleep for the last four years. But now even tripple does don't really work anymore! argh!

And I'm not entirely sure what you mean by "the true story is the sweet one," BFF. If you mean it literally/figuratively/actually/psychologically/etc. when you stop having fungus in your lungs and can cease hacking and being gross, we'll have to chat about it.

Kerry said...

Western societies have insomnia becuz our world runs according to schedule, not biorhythm, I think, kik. If my body had its way, I'd go to sleep at 2AM and sleep until 11 every single day. But I have to go to work. so I have to get up at 7 or 8. Which means I need to go to bed earlier if I'm going to get enough sleep. But I can't. Because my brain thinks 2AM is bedtime.

If I was living in the jungle as a hunter-gatherer, this wouldn't be a problem, sure. But I would have other problems. Read Life of Pi!

Kerry said...

Oh, and do I recommend the book?

Sure. It's been a LONG time since a book blew my mind so much. And there was still a gentle, sweet *message* there. (not a gentle story, though!)