Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Sam's got a new BFF

A few weeks ago, this conversation took place:

Sam: "You're not the Boss of me."

Daddy: "I am too the boss of you."

Sam: "You're just my daddy. You're not the boss of me."

Daddy: "Who's the boss of you, then?"

Sam: "Jesus."

Hard to argue with.

And apparently, Sam picked up on this because Jesus keeps making all sorts of appearances in our chats.

to wit:


Sam: [pats my face after he used the bathroom and probably didn't wash his hands]

me: [gently remove said hands from my face]

Sam: "But, Mommy, why won't you let me touch your face?"

me: "Because, honey, I don't think you washed your hands after you used the bathroom. And I'm tired of fecal matter making me sick."

Sam: [frown] "Well, Mommy, *Jesus* told me that I have to touch your face."


Sam: "You're sort of strong."

Daddy: "Thanks."

Sam: "I'd like you to be stronger, though."

Daddy: "Oh?"

Sam: "Because Jesus is stronger than you."


Sam: "Mommy?"

me: "yeah?"

Sam: "We need to put lights on Jesus again."

me: "Why?"

Sam: "Because I like Jesus."

Well, I guess there are worse heroes out there. Like Barney. But I digress.


Kerry said...

So in my defense, that first Jesus example was only a little "hard to argue with."

When he said that only Jesus was the boss of him, we were in Target and he was being timed out for running away from me.

I did have to pause, when he said that, but then I put him on time out anyway.

I said, "Well, Jesus isn't here right now, and he wants me to keep you safe, so you're on time out."

I know Jesus could have been there in spirit, but Sam apparently hasn't caught on to that concept yet, so it worked and he shut up and did his time out.

Then he started hiding inside the clothes racks.

And then after all that the clearance khakis didn't even fit. Time for a Sno-Cap fast.

Steve said...

Actually, that last post was me. Kerry was still logged in because she was using my laptop. She misses hers bad!