Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Dear YA authors:

I just want you to know that I'd really rather you didn't write 500 page books. Don't you know? Because of (really boring) statistics stuff, my book sample has to be *random.* Which means that I have to read your book whether it's 100 pages or 500 pages.

I much prefer the books that are 100 pages.

I realize telling you this now does little good. I realize that telling you this now does not change the fact that I'm supposed to read 36 books in the next 24 days.

But I still thought you should know.




nicole said...

I am oh so curious: What data are you collecting as part of your study? (Yes, I would love to read your proposal or theory. Because I'm a nerd.)

Kerry said...

And I am oh-so-happy to send you my spreadsheets. Because I'm sort of a nerd myself. What's your email address?