Tuesday, February 17, 2009

This morning the snow melted

and through my open window I could hear birds chipper chattering away in the branches of the tree next to my house. They sounded utterly jubilant and I dared to think the thought, "Could spring be coming?! Could it come early this year?!" And I skitted around the house cheerfully.

Upon which thought, it started to snow. And the birds became silent. (I don't know where they went.)

And so, this is what I had for lunch:


karen said...

You had bacon for lunch??!? Interesting choice...yet delicious. And it makes the whole house smell amazing.

My Diary said...

yummo bacon is the best treat anytime of day.

Word Verification Molick. It need to lick more of that bacon.

Paige said...

Two things I can't have in my house because I don't trust my self-control:

Bacon and a gun.

I'm not proud of what I am. But that changes nothing.

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous" says: "Careful or you'll sound just like me!"