Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Morning Conversation

Sam: "Did you know that Cocoa [my sister's ex-roommate's ewok puppy] is the girl of my dreams?"

me: "Really?"

Sam: "Yeah. Because you're supposed to have a girl of your dreams."

me: "Oh, I see."

Sam: "But I also have some human girls of my dreams."

me: "Really? More than one? Who?"

Sam: "I have two of them: Hailey and Cassie. Totally crazy, right?"

me: "Well, either super crazy or super Mormon. One of those."

Sam: [considers this] "Well, probably super crazy AND super Mormon."

me: "Oh?"

Sam: "Yes. See, Hailey is super crazy and Cassie is Mormon." [shrug]


Barb @ getupandplay said...


Louise Plummer said...

Tom wants to know if the Brussels Griffin is gone. They cost a fortune, you know.

Kerry said...

She's still in the garage. (husband = deathly allergic to dogs so she can't come inside, poor thing) Totally adorable if you want her! For free! (I'll even give you her cage and pillow and doggie brush.) She's just neurotic enough that you might love her. ;-)

Kerry said...

ps: she was supposedly a breeding dog a few owners back, but she's spayed now.

bff said...

Louise! Get that dog!! So cute!!

Kerry, give the dog to Louise! Or Tom! Yeah for good puppy homes!!