Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Gosh, yeah! If you got a boob job and lost fifty pounds, you know who you'd look just like?!

Someone said I looked like a celebrity today, but it weirded me out because, well, what does that mean?! Granted, famous people are generally pretty good looking. But anyone who's gone to a Marilyn look-alike contest knows that you can look a lot like someone without actually being good looking. It's a conundrum. So is it a compliment when someone says you look like a celebrity? or not?

And as long as we're doing polls, there are three people that people tell me I look like. Which one do you think is the most accurate?

(Bonus points for correctly naming the person the physical therapist said I looked like today.)


Kristin said...

Which one did the therapist say you looked like? I've always thought Nicole, but I used to think Julia when I was younger and all my friends thought so too.

Bettie said...

Hhhmmm.. Well if I got a boob job, and lost fifty pounds as well, I think I will look like Scarlett. Because maybe, I don't want to end up being skinny if ever I'll lose weight. I'd still want to look curvy, and a voluptuous babe like Scarlett.