Thursday, July 23, 2009

Lily: Master of the Third Option, or, Not-a-Victim-of-the-False-Dilemma-Fallacy (in spite of our best efforts)

me: "Lily, do you want to wear the pink shirt, or the yellow shirt?"

Lily: "The red one."

me: "Okay, the red one, then. Oh, look, it has Elmo on it. Is Elmo your favorite Sesame Street Character? Or is it Zoe?"

Lily: "It's Cookie Monster. Yumyumyumyum."

me: "Yeah, I like Cookie Monster. Come here so we can put this shirt on."

Lily: [ignores me.]

me: "I said come here. We need to put your shirt on."

Lily: [still ignores me.]

me: "Lily, you can either come here, or you can go on time out."

Lily: [looks at me briefly, then runs away.]

me: "or that."


Kristin said...

She's such a smart dolly!! :)

Trisha said...

Gotta love Toddlers, mine hasn't been on my favorite list a few times this week! That's a way cute pic of her though!

bff said...

Wuz weeerd; Lily post there last night, gone this a.m.

my id word is "firesses." it's the plural of Firess, which is some new awesome fantasy goddess, doncha think?

J said...

This is where I fall in love with your blog.

If only we were all so adept at rejecting "false dilemma's" - we'd stop electing liars.