Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sam explains to me the plot of Pixar's "Up"

Sam: "Okay, well, here's the story. There was a brother and a sister, but they didn't know they were brother and sister, so they fell in love.

"But when they got married, they couldn't have any babies. Because they were brother and sister."

me: "This story is starting to sound like another story."

Sam: "It's a very old story, Mom."

me: "Well, tell me the rest."

Sam: "Okay, well, they were married without babies. And then, the sister, well, she died. And the brother was very sad."

me: "she died?"

Sam: "Totally crazy, right?!"

[funniest part: I didn't know he was telling me his version of "up" until after he was done telling me the story.]