Thursday, July 02, 2009

Sam makes a decision

Sam: "Mom, I've decided to become a Separatist."

me: "huh, what?"

Sam: "A Separatist. When I grow up."

me: "What do you mean by that?"

Sam: "I'm not entirely sure. But here's the thing..."

me: "ok..."

Sam: "I've been really worried about who I'm going to marry."

me: "really?"

Sam: "I really think this is a decision I should make before I turn six. I thought maybe I'd make it when I was six, but I don't think I should wait that long."

me: "um... ok..."

Sam: "I have it narrowed down to three girls: Natalie, Cassie, and Haley."

me: "why them?"

Sam: "Well, they're all very nice to me."

me: "I guess that's a good way to choose someone."

Sam: "The question is which one?"

me: "Maybe you should talk to them about it?"

Sam: "That's a good idea." [thinks it over.]

me: "... so... that's why you're going to be a Separatist?"

Sam: "Maybe I should become a scientist instead."

me: "Scientists probably have better health coverage..."


Louise Plummer said...

Sam IS hilarious.

whirligigdaisy said...

What?! You must have uber-intelligent and forward looking children. Mine just want to know what we're having for lunch.

Mark- TCM said...

My eldest has been planning to marry for the last couple of years. Each year it's a different girl, but the latest sounds serious! At the grand age of 5 I think I've got a seperatist on miy hands too!
Up until recently he referred to it as "getting merried"; methinks he's seen his Dad "getting merry" and got a bit confused...

Amanda/Mandy said...

So, are you planning a very fun wedding for him and the girl he chooses?