Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Sam's Pioneer Day Prayer

transcribed as per Auntie Barb's suggestion.

Grandpa Mark: "Sam, would you mind helping me say the prayer?"

Sam: Sure. [completely ignoring the "helping" part, he just dives in.] "Heavenly Father, we are so happy to be here with each other surrounded by all of this great food. Bless all of the great food because it's good for us to eat it. And thanks we could all be here today on... [turns to Grandpa] "What day is it again?"

Almost everyone whispers: "Pioneer Day."

Sam: [Voice takes on a more authoritative tone: think the Princess Bride "Marriage" speech.] "Oh, yes. Pioneer Day. Pioneer Day is a very important day. It's a day when we... remember Pioneers... and eat lots of food. It's a day we should all remember because it's so important. We should remember it all week. And especially while we eat all of this food. AMEN."

(am I missing anything, Barb?)


Barb @ getupandplay said...

I remember him saying, "Bless that we can eat good food," which I thought made so much more sense than asking a blessing on unhealthy food to "nourish and strengthen our bodies."

nicole said...

Oh, man. Can I borrow your kids? Just for a few days? Because my blog is getting boring.

Kerry said...

a few days? take them for a few weeks! ;-)