Friday, January 01, 2010

In which Sam decides, like a good little American, that notoriety is more important than the risk of embarrassment.

Sam: "There's something that I don't tell people about."

me: "That sounds bad."

Sam: "Well, I don't tell people that I still cuddle at night."

me: "Oh?"

Sam: "Yeah, I think people think that only babies should cuddle at night."

me: "I don't think they think that."

Sam: "They do. Some people my age think that if you cuddle with your mommy you're a baby."

me: "Oh, well, you don't have to tell them then."

Sam: "I know! That's what I said."

me: "Okay."

Sam: "So we agree. No talking about the cuddling."

me: "Sure."

Sam: [pause.][thought.] "You're going to put this on your blog, aren't you."

me: "What if I did?"

Sam: [thinks.] "Well, your blog is going to make me famous... So I guess it's okay."


Kristin said...

Sam is the cutest thing ever. I love him. Heck I would still be cuddling with my mom at night if Dad didn't always kick me out!

Trisha said...

Enjoy that while it lasts! What a sweetheart.