Saturday, January 02, 2010

Morning Conversation: Familial Adjectives

Sam: "You know what you are, Mom? You're wonderful." [stops; then remembers that Steve is right next to him.] "Oh, yeah, and Dad, you're awesome."

Steve: "Those are wonderful and awesome adjectives. Does Lily have an adjective?"

[pause; in which we all cringe at the thought of Sam starting to spout off the various swear words he's picked up from cable TV.]

Sam: "Lily is cute."

[we all are relieved.]

Steve: "She really is cute."

me: "What about you, Sam? What's an adjective to describe you?"

Sam: [no hesitation] "I am COOL. Very, very COOL."

me: "Cool. Nice. This is the sign for cool: watch."

Sam: "Very nice. And this is the sign for LOSER."

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