Monday, February 01, 2010

Lily: On Knowing Your Limits

me: "So, Lily, how's the pooping in the potty thing going?"

Lily: [sigh] "It's going ADAGIO, mommy. Very, very adagio. I wish it would go allegro. Or even andante. But it is going adagio."

me: [fascinated by her word choice.] "Oh, I see."

[some time passes. I catch Lily watching TV right as a sad song starts to play and her eyes just well up with tears.]

me: "Oh, Lily, baby. Did that song make you feel sad?"

Lily: [cries uncontrollably.] "It's just so sad! I'm so sad! That mean song made me feel so sad!"

me: [get her to calm down, then say...] "You know, I think you really like music. It makes you feel a lot of emotions."

Lily: [nods]

me: "Would you like to learn some music? Maybe an instrument?"

Lily: "The flute! Or maybe the DRUMS!"

me: "What about the piano? I could give you piano lessons."

Lily: [shakes her head] "Oh, no, Mommy."

me: "Why, don't you like the piano?"

Lily: "Mommy, I won't be able to learn the piano unless I *listen* to you." [looks away to find something to play with.] "And that is just something I don't know how to do."


Catherine said...

This is so sweet. Oh, I miss this little one a lot. I bet she will seem so grown up when I see her next.

Barb @ getupandplay said...

Too funny!

Trisha said...

At least she is fully aware that she won't listen to you, that's why I didn't let my Mom teach me anything either, including the piano & sewing!

Elise said...

Seriously. Your children are hilarious. And yours is the only blog that Brad tolerates me reading out loud. So funny.

Anonymous said...

That is just too cute! At least you know why she ignores you!