Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Offspring! Let it be known: I am not afraid to admit when I am wrong!

There may or may not have been three days in a row recently (*possibly* four days; and the fact that I can't tell you for sure? I will own that, too) where I never got around to showering.

And during these days, I may or may not have worn the same outfit day after day after day.

And even though it was a lovely outfit (and new! so fun)(even though it was size... never mind) I may or may not have started to smell rather ripe by the end of those days.

So your accusations about my bathing habits? They may not be entirely off base.

That is all.


CSIowa said...

You are not alone. Sometimes there are just weeks like that.

Renae said...

Kerry - I found you on Ann Cannon's comments section, and I decided to visit your site because you are a writing prof. I saw that you are advertising WIFYR, and I am going to participate for my very first time! I am SO very excited!

I also LOVED this post as I realized last Friday that I hadn't showered or washed my hair since Monday! I did change my underwear and parts of my clothes - but I KNOW I was ripe. Couldn't believe my husband didn't mention it.

Very fun posts!

Kerry said...

Hi Renae! I'll see you Monday!