Saturday, June 26, 2010

Upon Returning from her Runway Show, Miss Provo says,

"You know what? I probably think about cannibalism a lot more than the average person."

(and, yanno, she probably does.)
(and also, that's just what she looks like when I take her picture with my phone. I'm pretty sure she wakes up like that.)
(cuz she's a MANEATER.)


Marty and Peggy said...

Funny. I remember you knew every word to that song and you were not even three. We knew we had a little genius on our hands by then. "Oh Oh here she comes. Watch out boys, she'll chew you up." See I only knew the chorus. :)

You're a good photographer!

Kristin said...

Wait a minute! You added the 'cuz she's a maneater' after I left! You didn't have my supervision Miss Ambien Blogger! and I'm not a maneater.

Kerry said...

I'm not *that* good of a photographer. I just snapped a picture with my phone and then used iPhoto to make it look good. The original actually looked pretty crappy. So maybe I'm *artistic* and good with computers, but not really a photographer.

And what's wrong with being a maneater, kick?! Maneaters rock.

Mark- TCM said...

"Maneaters rock"
If a Maneater eats too much do they roll? Tee-hee!