Saturday, July 17, 2010

Medical Pictures Alert!

Hopefully you looked away if wounds and such make you squeamish.

Here is one of my surgery scars. (I have five or six.) It is NOT my new moon. Gross. I'm totally not going to show you that part. It IS where they GOT the skin for the new moon. It looks more painful than it is, too. They just took away a little of my extra skin there. So it's basically just a long scratch. Which is a lot better than my other wounds. But I'm not going to talk about those because again... Gross.


Barb @ getupandplay said...

Poor Kerry! Here's to a quick recovery!

Audra said...

Sorry for your scars and hope for a speedy recovery. In the mean time, take all the pampering that you can. Wish I was there to help. Can I come up, just to help? I need out of this heat. You do have A/C right?

Trisha said...

So it that your tummy? If so, you kind of got a tummy tuck??? Nice. Heal fast scars! I'm going to have a nasty one like that across my tummy soon, oh so pretty, just wish they'd remove lots of extra skin & fat with it. :)

Dr. Kerry said...

sort of like a tummy tuck! no fat suction, or muscle repair, though. but now if I ever do get a tummy tuck (which I totally plan to someday because they sew up your abdominal muscles to pre-baby shape and that helps your back a lot--and my back sux) then they'd just use this existing scar which would be nice. :)

Dr. Kerry said...

and, audra, you can totally come up any time you want!

our AC is on the fritz (aka: dead), though. I've got a window unit in my room, which helps some.

we have to have the whole AC unit for the house replaced and the ducting re-done. cuz, you know, we're totally flush with $$$$ and everything. the people who built this house sort of did a craptastic job. it will be nice to have a HVAC system that works, though!