Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The nurses at the hospital said that things have been slow because people don't get surgery in a recession

which makes me wonder:

I'm finally home, BTW. Took a little longer than anticipated to do the recovery thing.

I get to walk with a supercool walker for a few weeks. I got a purty one with flowers. It's HAWT.

thanks for all your thoughts, y'all.


Trisha said...

Take it easy cuz. Do you get to keep your walker??? May come in handy like 50-60 years from now.

Dr. Kerry said...

Yup. It's mine. I also have a psychedelic cane for later. Woot.

bff said...

Your poll needs a third button for "yes. eeeew. sad and gross."

Catherine said...

Kerry, I love you. Sorry about all of the crap you're going through right now. Wash down those pain killers with some really good chocolate, it could help. :)

Sybil! said...

The question about money being a factor in whether folk has surgery is a real eye opener.

I'm from Canada.

Good ol' wonderful socialist Canada.