Thursday, August 12, 2010

And Just FYI

This was the one we choose as the best new testament translation. It had the accuracy of the KJV (about 80% of the KJV came from the Tyndale anyway) and the beauty of monoauthorial poetry.

Also, we really like Tyndale because he was burned at the stake for preaching the heresy that "Even a Plow Boy should be able to read the bible." Since Mormonism was founded when our own farm boy was reading his bible (English bible! Not Latin/Greek/Hebrew! That was the Heresy, BTW; They used to think that God *wanted* us to have scripture as mystery) and he came upon that verse that said to ask and so he went into the woods (everything good always happens in the woods)... you know the story. So boo on the burning for heresy, but woot for him having the guts to write a readable bible.

If you don't have one you should buy one because it is beautiful. Pure poetry. Makes the KJV feel all clunky.

ps: the first time I was asked to read non KJV translations of the bible, I kind of felt like I was doing something "dirty." And at BYU, no less! But it was quite the opposite. We're *supposed* to understand the processes and errors of translations in the bible. Yay for the 8th article of faith! And you will love it if you do. Email me if you want suggestions of bible translations to start with.


AzĂșcar said...

I really liked the Oxford Study Bible; it was all sorts of lovely.

Barb @ getupandplay said...

Kerry- you're back! No more hazy brain!