Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The thing about being immobile

is that you get really stir crazy. you sit alone in your bed (occasionally hobbling to the bathroom with your super HAWT cane) and you think about places you could be. places like out shopping. and then you think, wait, I can shop online! and you randomly start buying stuff.

a dress sort of like this:

a white sweater kind of like this:

a book:

some groceries:

some more dresses, t-shirts, a gazillion other things.

oh yeah, also, a sink:

I really hope these people have a good return policy.


Audra said...

Sorry you are stuck in bed. I wish I could come entertain you. "Let me Entertain you!" (singing)

Miss ya. I would love some more gross pictures on how you are healing. Got any? (Maybe that was offensive - maybe you are healing beautifully and only I thought it was gross when I saw stuff before.) Oops.

I would love a lesson from you on how to spell slang words. Is that a weird request? Probably. People spell words different all the time on blogs. Can you help the world?

Kathy said...

I love that sweater, don't return it! I just bought one like that tonight at Target, but it's gray. I have a 2 year old I should not buy anything white or cream.

The sink is an interesting buy though:)