Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Sam has started a blog.

He says he wants to be awesome. He doesn't need a blog to be awesome, I told him, but he persisted. Here it is.

(Sam says, looking over my shoulder as I type: "Mommy, I can read you know." And write, too. Enough to blog at least.)


MaJaTo said...

My nephew has been blogging since the day he was born - I suspect his Dad writes it :-)

I did think about letting Luke do a blog, but if I did I'd never get on the computer myself. Still, it would be an interesting experiment to see whether the word "actually" starts all his written (as well as spoken) sentences.

m mills said...


Dr. SWILUA said...

m mills! I had a dream about you! I don't remember what it was, though. xoxo