Friday, October 01, 2010

Steve says I should blog because I haven't blogged since, like, *Monday.*

There's a simple reason: I'm stoopid now. The first time I wrote blogged up in the title, for example, I spelled it bloggled. And it looked right.

The nice thing about being stoopid is that it means I'm not in pain.

The bad thing is, I'm not cranky enough to post rants. Which is kind of a bummer because I've got a modesty rant brewing.

I guess we'll have to wait until I'm less stoopid.

If you desire, send up a prayer to your own preferred divine being (depending, of course, on your personal faith traditions). Tell them that Dr. S is tired of having big fat open wounds. She is tired of looking at her skin graft and wondering when it will stop buzzing. (Yes, it buzzes. A nerve thing, I think. Or they implanted an alien device on me. Also a possibility.) And so Dr. S humbly requests that the skin graft close up, the buzzing stop, the stoopidness be tapered down, and life be calm and happy and full of blog posts and stuff.

Here's a funny thing: I think I might try to do yoga next week. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!


Barb @ getupandplay said...

You have our prayers every day.

MaJaTo said...

Hey, you know I would if I could but, well, my line got "disconnected."
Although my temple (aka me) is in disrepair (i.e. piling on the pounds) I'm sending positive thoughts across the pond to make the buzzing go away.
I do have a pain relief solution that works for me but I know it's forbidden so it's anone starter. I could've used some great Homer Simpson quotes to, such as "Beer, now there's a temporary solution."
Jesting aside, here's hoping the buzzing etcetera get's better soon. I'll drink to that! :-)