Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Tooth Fairy! Take Note!

I know the recession has you understaffed. And the fact that Utah has a birth rate on par with third world countries doesn't help, either.

But we have another house to add to your list.

Certain Offspring here have begun shedding their incisors.

Look for this box:

Inside it, you will find a tooth that looks like this:

If you wouldn't mind exchanging this piece of human history for whatever coinage is the current going rate, there'll be a very exuberant little six year old living here.

give my regards to the Easter Bunny.

hugs and kisses.


Marty and Peggy said...

Sooooo cute! (I've said that before, haven't I?) Tell Sam congratulations for us. We can't believe he's old enough to lose teeth! We love you, Sam!

Captcha says "a charli." No, Captcha, we were discussing a Sam. hehehe.

Swanky Mommy said...

That's gotta be the best tooth fairy box ever. :)