Friday, January 07, 2011

Sometimes Having Psychic Children is Super Creepy.

Last night my kids were feeling pretty morbid. 

We were driving home from Auntie Barb's house and they kept obsessing about death and car accidents. Then Lily told me:

"You know what, Mommy?"

"What?" I said.

"I think you're going to get into a car accident tomorrow."

"Honey. That is highly unlikely. And not something you should worry about."

Lily's eyes filled with tears. "But Mommy. You've been in too many car accidents." (True enough.) "When you get in the car accident tomorrow, I think you'll die!"

"Lily. Really. I have no plans on dying. And I'm not getting in a car accident tomorrow."

Then Sam chimed in. "Yeah, Lily. Don't worry. When she gets in the car accident tomorrow, she won't die. She'll just mess up her pretty new car."

Lily started wailing. "But it's a brand new car! It's so pretty!"

Having an un-pretty car is apparently worse than death to Lily. But, yanno. She cares about fashion and stuff.


I guess you know how this story ends because my children already told you.

I got rear-ended on my way to school this morning. I didn't die (or even get hurt at all I think; I'll wait till tomorrow to tell you for sure).

But my pretty new car is not so pretty any more.

So I guess we should all mourn or something.

Monday, January 03, 2011

When it comes to expressing his anger, Sam really thinks inside the box.

A new semester is about to start! Which means I've got to post my backlog

of things students will do for paper extensions!

Decorate the classroom.

Paint their faces with chocolate.

Wear indecipherable costumes.

Give a hand massage lecture that was not awkward at all.

Have rainbow hair and bag outfit and also dress like Pregnant Harry Potter.

Yes, those are robot pants.

That's me!  Made out of Starburst candy!  I even have my surgery chair and multimedia remote!

See how lifelike?

Her nails say "SWILUA"

This student gave herself a "tantoo" of SWILUA's name.  She used that tanning lotion.  She says she thinks it'll come off in about three days, but I am worried for her.

And a classic.  Kissing the wall.  Aw! So Romantic.

Alright Winter Semester.  Bring it on.