Monday, January 03, 2011

A new semester is about to start! Which means I've got to post my backlog

of things students will do for paper extensions!

Decorate the classroom.

Paint their faces with chocolate.

Wear indecipherable costumes.

Give a hand massage lecture that was not awkward at all.

Have rainbow hair and bag outfit and also dress like Pregnant Harry Potter.

Yes, those are robot pants.

That's me!  Made out of Starburst candy!  I even have my surgery chair and multimedia remote!

See how lifelike?

Her nails say "SWILUA"

This student gave herself a "tantoo" of SWILUA's name.  She used that tanning lotion.  She says she thinks it'll come off in about three days, but I am worried for her.

And a classic.  Kissing the wall.  Aw! So Romantic.

Alright Winter Semester.  Bring it on.


CSIowa said...

I love these, but I can't help wondering: do any of your students turn papers in on time? Also, does the length of the extension vary with the quality of the endeavor?

Dr. SWILUA said...

Prettymuch nobody turns in papers on time. I like it that way.

They write a list of things they're willing to do for an extension (two pages single spaced) and I choose one item per class period the assignment is late. Some students have a LOT of extension work. Sometimes I let them do it during Christmas/Summer break, though. I'm nice like that.