Wednesday, February 23, 2011

That's right, Buddy.

Sam's friend: "I have so many girlfriends. I have, like, twelve girlfriends."

Sam: "But, dude. That is just... wrong."

Sam's friend: "You're right. Maybe it was thirteen girlfriends..."

Sam: "No, no. You're not supposed to have twelve OR thirteen girlfriends. It's just wrong. It's mean. And bad. You're only supposed to have ON... [furtive glance at me as he realizes I'm listening] I mean, ZERO. ZERO girlfriends. None at all. We are WAY too young to even be thinking about having girlfriends."


Trisha said...

Now you have to teach him about the age of 16! Fun stuff.

Louise Plummer said...

Hah ha ha hah. Sam cracks me up.

Sarah said...

Yeah, watch out for him! I think Haydan would die of embarrassment if I even mentioned the word boyfriend to her! At least he has a good concept of monogamy :)

MaJaTo said...

To the best of my knowledge girls are yucky! Kiss-chase = aaaaaargh, run!!!! :-)