Friday, April 22, 2011

In which we discover that Lily really does care about the emotional life... of her food

Lily: are you having dinner without me?

Dad: I thought you already had a peanut butter sandwich.

Kristin: yeah it's all over her face.

Dad: where's the rest of it? On what part of the floor?

Lily: no!

Dad: you finished it? And you're still hungry? You're never hungry!

Lily: yeah, but I just have the one sandwich in my belly, so I need to have another one. otherwise it'll be so lonely in there!

Dad: [pause] Okay then. I'll make one.

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MaJaTo said...

Cool - I think along similar lines. Little Ben, on the other hand, just eats without any conscious thought. The words "I'm hungry" spring forth every few minutes (even moments after feeding) and I don't think he realises it. It's even worse if we're in a food hall.