Wednesday, May 02, 2012

In Honor of her Sixth Year of Life(!), I Bring you this Snippit from the Lily archives

From November: 2009.  Lily: three years old. 

Scene: We're at Burger King, watching President Obama pardon the turkey. Neither of my children are wearing shoes and the smell of boiling fat permeates the air. BTW, Burger King is where we go for all of our sociopolitical enrichment. We're classy that way.

Me: "Do you guys see those girls behind the president? Those are his daughters. Wouldn't it be weird if your dad was president?"

Sam: "Um, the way it would *really* go, Mommy, is that *you'd* be the president and I'd have to call you 'Mommy President' and we'd live in the White House."

Me: "You make a very good point."

Sam: "But can girls even be president?"

Me: "Not that it's apparent historically speaking, but absolutely girls can be the president."

Sam: "Huh. Lily, do you want to be the president?"

Lily: [thinks for a moment.] "What I want is to be a giant and then to tower SO HIGH that I'm a voice in the sky. And I'll BOOM. I'll say 'PEOPLE! LISTEN!' And then I'll mush them."

[Six years in and her plans for world domination are still going strong.  As the back yard neighbor said last night, "That kid is something.  Either she's going to save the world, or blow it up.  I'm not entirely sure which yet." Sentiment: prettymuch right on. Happy Birthday, kid. You awe everyone around you.]


Louise Plummer said...

She's a goddess. Happy Birthday oh Powerful Lily.

Barb said...

She is a force. Happy birthday, Lily!

Lyse said...

Your kid is wonderful?

Lyse said...

*! There's no question.

Sarah said...

Ha! Honestly, I'm all for the mushing.

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