Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Going in for (another!) massive surgery tomorrow

and all of our little gang of Spencers is scared shitless.

apologies to everyone who doesn't like swearing.  I don't particularly like swearing either.  sometimes, there's just not a better word though. (and I have a PhD in English.  I know a LOT of words.)

I probably won't update for awhile--but that's not unusual lately, right?  Steve might update his Facebook status with details, though. (I don't expect to be terribly conscious for a month at least, and certainly not on Facebook; although, you never do know what shenanigans those post-surgery drugs effect, right?) 

prayers, of course, are welcomed.  from whatever god/goddess/deity you happen to ascribe.

we are not picky.


Barb said...

Many, many, many prayers for you. Love you.

Trisha said...

Oh Kerry, I'd be scared shitless too! Also sending many prayers your way!!!! Hang in there cuz!

Steve said...

Kerry is in prep. I'm standing by. Kids are distracted by Peggy.Thanks to friends and family for your support. We got better since last surgery at asking for help and you guys are stepping up.

Elise said...

We're praying. Love you. Wish I were close by and could watch kids or cook dinner. But thinking of you anyway.

Louise Plummer said...

Bless, bless, bless.

Sarah said...

Ker Bear! I hope everything went well! I hate that you have to go through all this. I'll be keeping you in my prayers.

Steve said...

So as it turns out, everything did not go well. The skin graft failed, and a week ago (9 days) Kerry was readmitted to the Burn Service at University Hospital. She has been in the hospital since then, being treated for the pain and getting ready to do it again, which was today. She is just coming out of recovery any second. The wound bed looked ready for the second graft and the donor site was normal, so we can just hope she gets thru the INTENSE pain of the next 48 hours and that the graft takes. Thanks for your prayers or similar.

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