Sunday, January 29, 2017

And then I go, "Oh. This is an allegory."

The good news: I remembered my dream last night for the first time in forever!

The bad news: It was as judgy as a bad Sunday School lesson.

It started with an earthquake.

But it wasn't, like, a scary earthquake. It was more like a, "Hey! Pay attention!" Earthquake.

And then I looked outside the window & there was this bum who was eating the leaves off our bushes. Then he'd spit out the berries cuz poison. He was obviously hungry.

Then I was all, if I were Christian, I'd feed him.

But he was scary looking so... I just sat there.

But then I did a re-take & was like, *if I were Christian I'd feed him.*

So I drag myself up, go to the door to look for him & invite him in.

But he's gone, and instead there're crowds of hungry people.

And then I go, "Oh. This is an allegory."

And I wake up.


NotaWarriorPrincess said...

But in the Bble (so, sorta alligorical reason?) Jesus would be the only one who could feed all of them. So do you think it was an allegory about YOU, or maybe about the current political shitstorm, where the systems in place to feed the poor and humgry are being dismantled, leaving us who feel the drive to be Christian hopeless to remedy the situation?

Seriously, though, this sounds like the kind of dream I would have....

SWILUA said...

Prob B, NotaWarriorPrincess.

But IDK. I just recounted it as it came.