Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Call me crazy

I brought a piece of writing to my writing group that was secretly about something I had done in real life. I didn't tell anyone I was the protagonist, though, because I was too embarassed to admit it.

Their response was: "Your protagonist is OBVIOUSLY schizophrenic."

I said, "isn't it possible that, you know, under the right circumstances?, a normal person could do something like that?"

And then this one lady shook her head all disgusted and said, "Oh, honey. She may THINK she's normal but she is NOT normal."

And then everyone in the room started brainstorming about what horrible things could have happened to this person during her childhood that could possibly make her so psycho.



heidi said...

That is hysterical. You just have an active, creative brain. That's all. You're only slightly crazy.

Yeah!! I'm so happy you're doing a blog!!

Anonymous said...

Mom said nope, she was born brilliant and she's just a misunderstood genius!