Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Morning Conversation with the Fashion Police

Sam: "Mommy, why are you wearing *that*?"

Me: "Because I like it."

Sam: "But, Mommy, you wore that *yesterday.*" [looks horrified/disgusted]

Me: "Yeah, I did. And the day before that. But who's counting."

Sam: [look of horror has now completely frozen on his face]


Audra said...

That is funny that he would notice. Rylee ends up getting Makenna dressed every night for bed. I think she could sleep in her clothes - she is only 5 1/2 months. WHATEVER!

Here is my question. Do you love the outfit, or are you sick and don't want to change? Your family did just get over the stomach yuckies.

Kimberly said...

I'm lucky. Emma's still at the stage where she pets me and says, "I like you dress, Mommy."

k said...

I do actually love the outfit. It's a dress. Casual and comfortable and I if I don't wear a bra, no one will ever know. I kept wearing it because I kept needing to throw something on in two seconds flat, and it was on the floor just waiting for me to do just that. I tried to wear it again today, but we had another huge diahrrea/vomit/morediahrrea crisis and so it got dirty and had to be put in the laundry room (aka: the pit of dispair). It may take a week or two to get it out of the pit, and then I'll probably wear it again for a week and the cycle will continue. :-)

Audra said...

Ahh! The pit of despair. I have a pit of clean, needs to be folded laundry. Does that count as a pit? I want my own pit, too! Say yes! Say YES!