Friday, August 17, 2007

Walk cut short due to...cows

I went on a walk this morning down by the river. I rounded the side of this hill thing, when suddenly staring at me was a herd of cows (somewhere between seven and ten of them). Now, this is a public walkway. There should not be cows. But nevertheless, they were there, chewing trees. (In the distance I could see a field with a broken fence; the cows would have had to jump/walk across the river to get where we were.) I told myself that it was OK because cows eat roughage, not people. But they were snorting at me and some of them started jumping around. So I thought to myself, "Do I really want to test that 'they-don't-eat-people' hypothesis?" And the answer was no. So I just turned around and started walking back. Really, really fast. Checking behind myself so often that I finally just decided to walk backwards. They stared at me. A lot. But I got away.

As I was walking back some dude in a bike sped toward the cows before I had a chance to warn him. About five minutes later (as long as it would have taken him to find them), he came racing back pedaling his bike really, really fast and looking behind himself.

It made me laugh.


Kimberly said...


Emma thinks she owns all the cows in the county. Every time we drive to or from anywhere, she shouts out mournfully as the cows in neighboring fields whip out of sight, "My cooooowwwwsss!"

Audra said...

I like the bike dude part. THAT IS FUNNY!

Mark- TCM said...
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Mark- TCM said...

A subject for your next book? Killer cows, voodoo and chocolate!!! (maybe white chocolate to avoid confusion with the, erm, cowpats)
Speaking of writing, I'm adding some old stories to one of my blogs (MaJaTo-MaJaTo Scribes) - I was going to keep it invite only but have decided to open it up to everyone to view, and thought you might be interested
as I remember that a few months ago you asked me what kind of stuff I wrote.
Hmmm, I might even put a picture of myself on there sometime -to see if I'm promotable!!!

Barb said...

Oh my goodness! So funny! Cows are really, really big so I can understand being intimidated by a whole herd of them!

Tonya said...

Hi, I'm new to your blog. I found you through Kimerly in case you were wondering. This story cracked me up. They may not bite but they are big and heavy and don't mind stepping on a few toes :o)

Michael said...

Chewing trees?! Just how big were these bovine behemoths?