Sunday, February 10, 2008

The dead fish poll

My three year old (Sam) just got a pet fish and he named him "Sam the Fish."

Unfortunately, the we just found the fish in this state:


Do we
1) go and get an identical fish from Wal Mart (not hard) and not tell him about it?
2) use this as an opportunity to teach him about death?

What do you think?


[kɹeɪ̯g̊] said...


Anonymous said...

Yes also.

Audra said...

Teach him about death and get a new one. If you really want to be mean - make him pay for the the new one. (That way you throw a budget lesson in there, too!)

I know I am mean.

Barb said...

Teach him about death but maybe resist getting a new one right away (it might be confusing, like when someone I love dies, I'll just go to Walmart and get a new one...)

Stephen said...

By the way, this whole point is now moot. The dead fish, and bowl and all is all gone and Sam could not have cared less-- if he even noticed. I seriously think he would mourn more if we accidentally deleted "Mickey Mouse Christmas" from the Tivo. (It's been there through 2 Christmases.) By the way, it makes you wonder what kids think Wal-Mart is. Magic? Probably. I think *I* do.

Stephen said...

PS audra you're hilarious