Saturday, June 21, 2008

Binge of the Century

Yesterday I ate:

Two of these:

Four pieces of this:

With lots of this:

Two of these:

Three of these:

Two more of these:

with more of this:

one of these:

I tried to eat some of this, but SOMEONE ate the last piece. (you know who you are):

So, instead, I had to steal someone's leftover this:

This is where you'll find me today:


Kathryn Soper said...


When are you inviting me over for a binge?

k said...

anytime you want, kathy! we've always got carbs...

Swanky Mommy said...

I am an emotional eater and since my in-laws are all crazy, I have WAY out done you on this one. I am nearing your 240 something pic. Can you please tell me how to accidentally lose weight? I miss the carrels. Sigh.

k said...

hello swanky mommy. I miss you, too.

the short answer on how to lose weight accidentally: parasites.

k said...

(the long answer includes the long-term ramifications of having several parasitic bouts in a row and then having your pancreas go insane and make you sort of diabetic for awhile and then you're either losing weight because your diabetic or the diet you're on so you won't be diabetic makes you lose weight.)