Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Ironic string of dreams last night

All about being sleep deprived. In one of them, I kept hopping between continents and every new country I went to I would hope it would be night time, but it never was and I was EXHAUSTED. In another, my entire family was wandering around at two in the morning, trying to find a place to sleep and I kept trying to think of ways to sneak coffee into my kid's bottles without them noticing so they would be able to stay awake. (I couldn't drink the coffee because of the whole W.O.W. thing, but apparently I had no problem trying to feed it to babies.) In another dream, I kept trying to sleep but then I realized I was in a stranger's kitchen and they were looking at me funny for sleeping on their floor.

In all of the dreams, I always--at some point--realized that I was *dreaming.* Which meant that my quest for sleep had actually been *successful.* Which meant that the fact that I was dreaming that I couldn't sleep was just...well... *odd.*

I blame it on NyQuil.

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