Friday, June 06, 2008

Things I learned today

1. If you don't look for one of these at the bottom of the stairs

then you might trip.

2. And if you're still freaked out from tripping down the stairs, you might not notice that your water bottle is open when you put it on the car seat and your jacket will end up soaking wet.

3. And when you're annoyed that your jacket is all wet, you might not check your gym bag to make sure you brought your work shoes. Then you will have to teach a class wearing a pants suit and tennis shoes and your students will tell you that you look like Ellen Degeneres.

4. And then when you go to help your sister jump her car, you should double check that you hooked the right cable to the right battery terminal. Or else this might happen:

5. And then you'll have to grab the burning hot jumper cables before your car explodes and you'll burn your hand.

6. So you'll rip off your soaking wet jacket and use it to throw the sparking, melting cables on the ground, right as the plastic is boiling into little smoking bubbles.

7. and after all of that, you're going to want one of these:


kate said...

sounds like a crappy day!

Anonymous said...

That kind of day calls for hard liquor, not Oreos. Feel free to make mine a double.

kk said...

I am going to write a song called, "when life sucks that bad ya, just gotta turn it into a country song"

Barb @ getupandplay said...

I hope tomorrow is a better one!