Monday, July 28, 2008

Lily's thoughts on friendship

Lily: "Friends bite you."

[pause; contemplaive look.]

Lily: "No, No, Friends!"


Barb @ getupandplay said...

That's right, you tell 'em Lily!

bff said...

Lily rules. Or she's seen me around you too often--how is that last one healing up?

ok, we're going to try it THIS way:I'll write to you on your blog comments, in my free two minutes and while my DISGUSTING laundry is becoming less disgusting--Hey Kerry! I am alive! And you DO take Kristin's comments out of context because they are funnier that way.
I still can't get an adequate combination of 1. time 2. a working computer 3. wifi or internet 4. phone reception 5. phone minutes 6. phone juice

in order to make contact often enough. Miss you, love you. Check to see if my dog is still alive, ok?


k said...

's healing fine, bff.

Yay for you being alive and stuff! I miss you like psycho crazy!

You should tell me when to call *you.* (I have cheap phone becuz of the husband working for, yanno, a *phone* provider. ;-) Or you could just call me when you're free and I'll call you back.