Saturday, July 26, 2008

She was the reason I played the bassoon

Christina was so good at the flute that it was legendary. They said she was completely unbeatable in a challenge and every time I heard her play, I agreed. I had never heard someone play an instrument so well in my life. (And she was so nice that you couldn't even hate her for it; all you could do was listen in awe.)

So when I started high school and knew I'd be in the same band as she was, I was completely intimidated. I had been first chair flute in junior high and thought I was pretty dang good. But I wasn't Christina good.

Which is why I decided to switch to the bassoon. Just couldn't handle the idea of trying to compete, I guess.

But I loved the bassoon.

It was unique and it was a challenge and the junior bassoon player named Tristan I sat next to was totally cute. I got into every honor band and the highest BYU audition bands without even trying. (My BYU audition? "Uh, what instrument do you play? Oh, the bassoon? Yeah, that was your audition. You're in.")

So thanks for that tiny little bit of joy in my life, Christina. Maybe the smallest good thing to come from your life, but nevertheless appreciated.

The world truly is a bleaker place without you.

Christina Yu: 1978-2008

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Gayle said...

I'm sorry for the loss of your friend.

My son is learning the bassoon, even though I tried to convince him to learn flute first.