Monday, July 28, 2008

Things Beauty Queens Say

Miss Provo: "So, I totally had this dream that I was floating in the ocean."

Me: "Oh?"

Miss Provo: "And there was a shark there, and he was my boyfriend. He was really sweet, though."

Me: "Oh?"

Miss Provo: "And when I woke up, I was really sad that he wasn't my boyfriend!"

Me: "Oh?"

Miss Provo: "And then I found out it was Shark Week on Discovery channel and I realized that I'm totally psychic."

Me: "Oh?"

Miss Provo: "Will you record Shark Week for me?"


Miss Provo said...

Dah!! I totally love that picture!! I want to frame it!! :)

k said...

I think it might be for sale. I got it from an artist's site, I think. Do an image search for "kissing shark" and see if it comes up.

Johnna said...

oh mi goodness, that is the perfect picture for this post.