Thursday, July 03, 2008

things I hate about jet lag

1) the vomitting
2) the peeing my pants that accompanies the vomitting because I have two children and my bladder control sux
3) the tripping over objects as I try to teach a class shortly after landing
4) the risk of electrocution that ensues after my tripping while teaching leads to the pulling of an electrical outlet directly out of the wall
5) the soaking wetness of clothing due to the fact that when you are holding your water bottle when you teach and you then trip the water is lible to splash all over the place
6) the showing of undergarments that unintentionally follows your attempt to dry off the soaking clothing that accompanies the throwing of water that accompanied the tripping over objects and the risk of electrocution due to the dislocated electrical outlet caused by the said tripping over of objects.
7) more vomitting
8) more peeing of pants
9) an eerie repeat of #6: but smellier due to the nature of the fluid
10) did I mention the vomitting?


[kɹeɪ̯g̊] said...

But how was your trip?

Mark- TCM said...

"But how was your trip?"

Wales or the electrical lead? Lol!