Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A few more wedding pictures

Sam in Daddy's coat. (It was cold in Oakland. Who knew, right?)

My new favorite picture of my mom and dad.

The pretty lady behind the flowers is my Grandmother. (My kids' Great-Grandmother)

This is my (almost) entire immediate family (brother&new wife, husband, mom and dad, my two sisters, my kids and my sisters kids). The only two not pictured are...

Joel and Ben. (sister's husband and baby)


Mother Goose said...

Sam looks like a little angel in the family picture!

Mark- TCM said...

Just wanted to say A) I'm back!! B) I like the new blog design C)Nice piccies - you must be dead chuffed of your kiddies!

(in case "dead chuffed" is an English only expression I'd better explain that I'm using it here to mean "very proud") :-)

Kerry said...

Mark, I love those british sayings. keep 'em coming. ;-)