Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Miss Provo pointed out that I forgot to put an end date for the auction

So: end date. Let's say this Friday. Aug. 22 at 10 PM. That way if a boy wins and wants to take her out as early as this Saturday, he can.

Oh, and she also wants me to put up a "hotter" picture of her. yeah. OK.

(We were in Texas. It's HOT in Texas. Even at Christmas. My mom used to crank up the air conditioner on Christmas Eve so we could have a fire. And even then we only let it burn like 20 minutes. BTW, she's the youngest. And is it just me or is that Santa really creepy?!)


usernamerob said...

So I don’t know what happened to my first comment but I wanted to make sure that my 20 dollar bid for interpretive dance is on the table

usernamerob said...

Just so all yall know, I am a horrible trash talker, and im determined to win. So bring it on!!

Mother Goose said...

We did the same thing on Christmas Eve and morning!!

Penelope said...

Are you telling me in Utah it's not reasonable to wear shorts to Christmas dinner???